Revealed - TikTok’s Leading Home Decor Trends for Summer 2023

We are already past the summer midpoint with many already back from their holidays and now planning to spruce up their homes, either through some renovation work or by adding the right décor accessories. If you are not sure about the best solution for your house or apartment, what should really be an enjoyable task could easily turn into a headache and you would risk missing all the fun.

No need to worry - social media offers an endless scroll of decor and DIY inspiration. Given TikTok’s impressive rise in recent years, the platform has become a do-it-yourself reference and an online space where design trends are born. In an attempt to save you from wandering among endless options, our team at PromptCleaners rounded up the top 8 home decor trends that have taken over TikTok this summer.

This lifestyle campaign analyses TikTok hashtags to reveal home furnishings and interior design trends to put on your summer agenda.

Cottagecore - 14.9Bn Hashtag Views

Cottagecore is an aesthetic with both decorating and lifestyle features that puts casual liveability at the forefront. The trend has evolved from the traditional cottage design and focuses on simplicity and ease, successfully balancing style and functionality. Cottagecore is distinguished by a mix of floral patterns, warm woods, and bright colours.

Minimalist - 3.2Bn Hashtag Views

The “less is more” phrase perfectly exemplifies the concept of minimalist home decor. The most commonly applied ideas are using space-saving furniture, tight-back seating, exposed structural elements, and bare-bones lighting in homes and office buildings. A minimalist space would feature a lack of unnecessary objects and wall artwork in no more than two colours.

Bookshelf - 3Bn Hashtag Views

Thanks to TikTok and its billions of fascinating bookshelf styling videos, reading for pleasure is now a trend. The creative display of self-made bookshelves and their aesthetic arrangement has piqued the interest of readers and non-readers alike, with 2022 seeing plenty of rainbow models. The popularity of colour-coordinated shelves shows no signs of fading, although a rather minimalistic approach is making an appearance this summer.

Woodart - 1.7Bn Hashtag Views

Woodart is another interior design trend blowing up on TikTok, with the tag having reached more than 1.7 billion views as of 15 August, 2023. Wall art pieces, unique side tables, carved figurines, and other wooden finishes or accents are getting increasingly popular, meaning woodworking is no longer considered a dying craft.

Maximalism - 1.5Bn Hashtag Views

While embracing excess in all shapes and forms, the maximalist decor trend does not equal a mess. It is distinguished by clashing patterns, luxurious objects, and plenty of accessories, which a skillful interior designer can turn into a rather pleasant space. A well-decorated maximalist room hits you with energy and vibrancy and is often related to its inhabitants' well-being.

Neutral Decor - 403.6M Hashtag Views

Interior design trends come and go, but some, such as decorating with neutrals, remain a timeless choice. Nowadays, the neutral palette comprises far more than just white and grey. From a whole slew of earthy beige tones all the way up to deep browns and charcoals, the scope of nuances is nearly endless.

Solar Lights - 184.5M Hashtag Views

Powered by batteries that store energy from the sun, solar lights provide hours of soft glow after dark. TikTok content creators give plenty of beautiful ideas such as decorative solar stakes to illuminate dark borders and driveways, hanging solar lights on the front porch, or a string of fairy lights under the gazebo ceiling.

Japandi - 181.6M Hashtag Views

As the name suggests, Japandy is a kind of combination between Japanese and Scandinavian interior design. This homeware trend matches the Asian country's rustic minimalism with Scandinavian functionality. Sustainable materials such as rattan, cotton, and hemp are often used, aiming at a calming look with a focus on clean lines, light colours, and bright spaces.

Data based on trending homeware TikToks from the last two months and hashtag views as of 15 August 2023. The sample videos given for each of the top 8 TikTok home decor trends were chosen from content uploaded by highly popular lifestyle bloggers and everyday creators.