Terms And Conditions


When we calculate the price on the phone we tend to work with average room sizes. The Company is entitled to make changes to the initial agreement after property examination by us or if the Client changes his/her original requirements.

Guaranteed Services

The only service that we provide a guarantee for is end of tenancy cleaning. It expires within 48 hours. This means that you can claim a re-clean of your premises for free within this period only. A team will be resent to your property to clean what they missed to during the first session provided that there are areas that they didn’t clean.


Customer is expected to make immediate payment upon the beginning of the cleaning session unless agreed otherwise by the company. The Client must pay in cash when our cleaning team/cleaner arrive at the Client’s property.

Should a bank transfer or card payment be agreed, it must be arranged a day before the cleaning and no later than that. If the company fails to receive the bank transfer or card information in advance, it is entitled to cancel an appointment.


The Client has the right to cancel the service agreed upon by letting the company know about it at least a day before the cleaning session. No cancellation fees are included. The Company has the right to refuse cleaning if the premises poses a risk to the well being and health of our cleaners. The Company reserves the right to reschedule or cancel an appointment in case of an accident or other unexpected circumstances that may have befallen the cleaning team assigned to get the job done.


Once the cleaning is done, no refund claims shall be accepted. All the accomplished services shall be considered satisfying to the Client unless a detailed complaint is sent to the Company within the next 24 hours after the cleaning has been completed. The Company will hence investigate the complaint and try to find a solution in the best possible way that will satisfy the Client or to a reasonable standard. The Client agrees to let the cleaning operatives back in his/her property for an inspection and re-clean of any areas disputed in the complaint before allowing a third party to perform services. With regard to accidents, our cleaners are very careful not to break any item during the cleaning sessions but sometimes accidents are inevitable. In case of a broken item, the Company will attempt to make identical replacement. However, the latter cannot be guaranteed. For this reason, the Client is recommended to store away all irreplaceable items of sentimental or monetary value or not to assign our operatives to clean the said items. The Company may ask the Client to allow access to his/her property within 24 hours of the claim to fix the problem. The Company shall not bear responsibility for any damage occurred as a consequence of the Client putting items on a carpet that has not dried completely. The Company shall not be held responsible for carpet shrinkage occurred in respect to poor fitting. The Company is not liable for any damage already existing in the property (be it old burns, stains, spillages etc.) that cannot be completely removed or cleaned by the cleaner with standard cleaning methods. We promise to do our best to provide a high-standard service when cleaning your appliances but we shall not be held responsible for any dirt which cannot be cleaned using chemicals due to poor maintenance of the items (i.e. if they have not been provided a clean since the purchase). In regard to freezers, the Client must defrost them in advance. Otherwise, we will not be able to perform a thorough clean of the appliances. Our gardening services (Basic and Professional) do not involve waste collection. With people or furniture present in the premises at the time of the cleaning, The Company cannot guarantee End of Tenancy Cleaning.


Running water and electricity must be provided in the property to be cleaned. If the Client fails to provide these, he/she will be charged a non-refundable fee of £60. The Client must provide access to the premises at the time of the cleaning. If the Client provides keys, they must be able to open locks without effort or any special skills. The inability to provide access to the premises will be charged a non-refundable fee of £60.

Regular domestic cleaning service

At the beginning of every cleaning session, the Client can pay directly to the cleaner in cash. If the customer requires a meeting with the cleaner, he/she will be charged the price of the first session for time and travel expenses. The Company requires the Client to provide all cleaning equipment, materials and detergents. For every appointment, the cleaning sessions should be hired for the same time and days of the week. The Company is not able to reschedule regular services. We cannot send a cleaning operative at a day and time different than what has been agreed upon. If the Client wants to cancel the appointment, he/she should let the company know at least 24 hours before the cleaning. If he/she fails to contact the Company, he/she shall be charged a fee identical as the full cost of the service. The service minimum for the weekly appointments is 2 hours; the minimum for the fortnightly appointment is 3 hours. The client must ensure access to the premises to be cleaned at the scheduled time. We are used to having our customers ensure a spare key for our cleaning maids.

Minimum charges apply for some services. Please check them below:

Upholstery and Carpet cleaning is charged a minimum of 55 GBP. Our One Off Cleaning service is hired for a minimum of 60 GBP equivalent to 3 hours. The minimum charge of our gardening services per session is 65 GBP. Discounts are only valid for services above the minimum charge. Discounts and promotions do not include hourly based services. The Company is not to be held responsible for any cancellations or rearrangements of services as a result of unpredictable circumstances, which are not dependent on the Company and are considered an obstacle for the cleaning operatives assigned to perform the session. Once the cleaning is done, no compensation or refund claims are accepted. Should a bank transfer or card payment be agreed, it must be arranged a day before the cleaning and no later than that. If the company fails to receive the bank transfer or card information in advance, it is entitled to cancel an appointment.