Do you know how easy it is to have your property perfectly clean? This can be done within seconds only by calling us and organising your booking!

Prompt Cleaners is the best cleaning company in whole London! We are known for the outstanding standard of our services which can be arranged in a way so you won’t have to postpone or cancel any of your plans. You won’t have to worry about any chores or any domestic tasks, because everything will be handled by us!

Our professional cleaners can promise you that your property will thoroughly clean, spotless and shiny! We offer free quotes, competitive prices and much more, and much more…

Our Services

  • End Of Tenancy

    A thorough cleaning service will be performed by our professional team of cleaners. They will come with all the equipment needed and do the job quick and efficient. Also, this service is perfect if you are expecting guests, planning a party or you have been on a vacation for a long time. The final result is guaranteed by our policy- we will re-clean your property if you are not satisfied.

  • Carpet

    The methods used to accomplish the perfect carpet cleaning are reliable and proven over the years of experience. After the inspection of our carpet cleaning specialist, the most suitable technique and detergent is chosen and applied. We will do everything in our power to match up with your expectations.

  • Deep

    Deep cleaning is a procedure, popular among people to whom cleanliness and sanitizing is very important. It takes between four and six hours, so be patient with us. We understand the value of your time. You can even include and share your specific requirements with our cleaners. They will make sure that everything is checked and completed.

  • Regular

    Perhaps your property needs to be visited by our friendly employees more often. The regular cleaning that we are offering is perfect for you. We will take care of all your house work whenever you need it to be done, weekends included.

  • After builders

    Home renovation is something that should bring you nice beautiful environment. However just after the builders complete their work, your place is dusty and messy. This is the time when you will need some help to put your property in order. Our after the builders service is exactly for this situation.

  • House

    According to a popular saying “You will never get a second chance to make a good first impression”. In other words you should maintain the excellent condition of your house at any time.

  • Office

    Maintaining a clean and tidy office has an enormous positive impact on the productivity and respectfully the good mood on your employees so make sure the office area is neat and dust-free.

  • Upholstery

    Washing of our clothes is something we do regularly. Everywhere we can see well invented adds about washing materials that may do wonders and wash to perfection. So we are ready to buy all kinds of detergents just to keep our clothes well maintained, fresh and clean.

  • Oven

    Do you love home made food. Would you prefer to cook your own food and enjoy its delicious taste afterwards. But you are terrified from what will be the mess in the end. You imagine all the dirty dishes, the mess arround, but above all the smeared oven.

  • Windows

    Prompt Cleaners is a very famous cleaning agency headquartered in London. We service the surrounding area and deliver a wide range of cleaning services for homes and businesses. We have several decades of cleaning experience and lots of things to share.

  • Flat

    Prompt Cleaners is a reputable company devoted to delivering the best cleaning services in London, UK. We offer our clients a variety of cleaning options in a variety of forms.

  • Fridge

    Cleaning your fridge has always been a hard task to do, as the main purpose for using it is when you feel the hunger in your stomach. No one thinks about the dirty fridge when opening the door in the search of the favorite food.

  • Cleaning

    If cleaning tends to be a horrible habit for you we assure you that for the majority of people it works in the same way. A cleaning activity of almost every kind is capable of taking away all the physical powers than one possesses.

  • Cleaning

    Prompt Cleaners is a reputable first-rate cleaning company headquartered in London, UK. We take care of homes and offices in a number of ways by delivering a great deal of cleaning solutions.

  • Gardening

    Can you imagine a beautiful and well maintained garden, with neatly organised flower-beds and perfectly trimmed hedges and trees. Yes, this is not a part of some fairy tail, this can come true by our professional Gardening services. We from the Prompt Cleaners can turn your garden into the magical spot from the fairy tails only by ringing us.


  • Carpet

    starting from £15
    • Moving furniture
    • Treatment of the stains
    • Deodorising of the carpets
    • Drying the carpets
  • Regular

    starting from £20
    • Experienced and trained cleaners
    • Trustworthy cleaners
    • Time convenient to yourself
    • Affordable prices
  • End of Tenancy

    starting from £89
    • Our company provide the detergents
    • The price is all tax inclusive
    • No additional sub-charges
    • 48 hours guarantee
  • Gardening

    starting from £45/h
    • Lawn mowing
    • Hedge trimming and cutting
    • Removing weeds and fertilising


  • "Hi, Thanks for sending your cleaner over, she was great. Can we have her back tomorrow again?"

  • "Both people who came did a perfect job and were very professional – thank you."

  • "Thank you. An excellent service. Very pleasant and professional technician. We will use you again."

    D. Logue

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Yes, all our cleaning technicians are professionals with a lot of experience in the field. They have been professionally trained for the tasks they perform and will spare no time and effort when performing a service. Feel free to trust them with your home. They will do their best to meet all your expectations and more.
  2. All products and detergents our cleaning technicians use when performing all services are high quality, professional ones. We invested in our company and we provide them with everything that is best on the market. All products are extremely efficient against dirt and stains but 100% safe and non-toxic.
  3. Yes, we worked hard to create all our services affordable and available to everyone. That includes our flexible working hours. Do not hesitate and call our office agents, all services and the customer support line are available 7 days a week, including all holidays.
  4. Yes, we want to provide full customer satisfaction. Usually, we will introduce you to your potential new cleaner prior to their assignment so you can meet and decide if you would work well together. However, if for whatever reason you are not happy with your current cleaner, we will assign you to a new one.

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