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cleaning companyPrompt Cleaners is a reputable first-rate cleaning company headquartered in London, UK. We take care of homes and offices in a number of ways by delivering a great deal of cleaning solutions. By taking off the cleaning burden from our customers' shoulders we ensure them extra time and energy to tackle their most important activities and appointments. We know how fast-paced life has become these days for many of us. The number of tasks on the agenda keeps increasing, leaving no time for some of the most necessary and pending duties. The list of responsibilities changes proportionally with age.

Faced with the reality many people start wondering what they can do to fit the age they live in. And we are here to offer them the best solution for one of their numerous duties – cleaning. We give clients the opportunity to live in a healthy, germ-free and safe environment, a must-solve problem for many London families today.

I can say only good words about them. Always on time, always professional!

I've been their client for over 3 years now and I am always satisfied with their services.

Since we have been in the cleaning industry for many years now, we know quite well all the favorite places of bacteria as well as the cleaning agents and tools necessary to kiss bad germs goodbye. With our company we promise you will feel safe, provided with care and support, and special. Very special. This is because we tend to treat customers individually. We pay attention to their problems and listen to them when they are talking. We correspond to their needs. We never ignore their demands.

Cleaning Agency London

The services we deliver are various. For example, we provide house care. One of the biggest issues for families is getting their places clean and sanitized. Most of the families have pets. Some of them have children and pets. Everybody who does knows this combination equals dirt and grime all over the house. The mess can get really challenging. Luckily, we are here to get your accommodation in good order in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Benefits Of Our Cleaning Company:

  • Trustworthy and reliable service
  • We cover all London areas
  • Available seven days a week

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Domestic Cleaning ServicesPrice
Regular Cleaning£16 £14
One Off Cleaning£18 £16
Spring, Deep Cleaning£20 £18
After Builders Cleaning£20 £18

For businesses we provide office cleaning. As an entrepreneur you are probably aware that every detail matters. Thus, having a clean office is essential for keeping up a good image. An office can speak volumes about a company. So if you want to be immaculate, the place where you receive important clients must be impeccably clean. But providing a healthy environment in the office is not only for your clients' sake. Your staff will benefit from this too. Taking care of your employees will ensure productive efficiency and better results. Keep this in mind when you are considering whether to book our services.

Areas We Cover:

Our cleaners are very experienced. They have all the resources and insurances required to clean properties without exposing themselves to risk. They work with biodegradable cleaning products to ensure your home or office is chemical-free and nature-friendly. It is a privilege to have such skilled and trained professionals to whom cleaning is not merely duty but rather a great pleasure.

If you find our services appealing, make sure you call us to book one. We have nice and friendly telephone attendants waiting for your call.