Office Cleaning

office cleaningMaintaining a clean and tidy office has an enormous positive impact on the productivity and respectfully the good mood on your employees so make sure the office area is neat and dust-free. A lot of employers stick to the “Clean as you go” method but in most cases it is not enough for the good outlook of the office area. Prompt Cleaning is a company that offers a variety of services and office cleaning is among them. The office cleaning package we have developed in order to meet your demands includes the following procedures:

  • emptying the trash cans
  • sanitizing the bathrooms
  • maintaining the good condition of the common areas
  • dusting
  • sweeping
  • vacuuming
  • cleaning the break room and the electric devices such as a microwave (where applicable)

After the great one off cleaning session we booked the regular cleaning service.

It is very nice to have tidy and clean workplace and thanks to Prompt Cleaners it is very easy!

Due to the fact that the office itself and the other areas need constant attention, you can make a fix schedule so our experienced and thoroughly trained office cleaning professionals will make regular visits on daily or weekly basis.

We know that the sound of a vacuum cleaner can be really disturbing and annoying, you don't feel ready to work when you know that somebody's going to ask you to stand up in order to sweep the floor and wipe down the dust from your workplace. We completely understand the inconvenience a cleaning visit can bring so it can set before or after working hours when it won't be a bother to anyone.

Needless to say, we use top – quality cleaning detergents that can hardly be found on the shelf at the supermarket so we can save you one more inconvenience – buying cleaning supplies. All the detergents, mops and brooms can be provided by us for a complete peace of mind.

Office Cleaning Includes Many Tasks Like:

  • Cleaning and wiping floors and working surfaces
  • Cleaning toilets and bathrooms
  • Waste bins replacement
  • Windows cleaning

Check our Promo Deals!

Commercial Cleaning ServicesPrice
One Off Office Cleaning£18 £16 per hour
Regular Office Cleaning£16 £14 per hour

Every business owner and manager knows that the first impression that the company makes is extremely important for its future development. Having a clean office area is one of the things any potential business partner notices as soon as they enter your office. Make sure your office is spick and span all the time, especially before an important business meeting. Everything should have its own place and we can help you achieve that.

Areas We Cover:

The appropriate atmosphere at the office can have an influence on the overall performance but the cleaning shouldn't be done hastily. On the contrary it requires dedication and precision. That's why you should pick up the company that would perform the office cleaning in the most appropriate and efficient manner. In other words it should have experience in the industry, devoted to their job employees, the usage of cleaning supplies of utmost quality should be their trademark along with the loyalty towards the customers. Well you have already found out that company that meets all the requirements, mentioned above. There is just one more thing you have to do – contact our representatives who are always available, prepared to give you detailed information and lead you through the short booking process. Hurry up, it's a really good deal.