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fridge cleaningCleaning your fridge has always been a hard task to do, as the main purpose for using it is when you feel the hunger in your stomach. No one thinks about the dirty fridge when opening the door in searching for their favourite food. Refrigerators are constantly stuffed with food and there are multiple tough, stuck-on spills, leaks and other small food particles. Whenever we overlook the cleanliness of our fridge, it may become seriously polluted and grow mould, mildew or other bacteria.

If you feel yourself a busy, working person with no additional time to spend on cleaning the fridge or if you are simply not so into the idea of dealing with fridge issues, now you are given a great opportunity to benefit from.

I am not the perfect housewife but thanks to Prompt Cleaners I can handle all my domestic cleaning chores!

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We are a highly respected company that provides cleaning services for more particular places, such as the fridge. Sometimes all you need is a professional opinion and a right approach – you can receive all that only and exclusively in our company. Our services are available throughout the whole London area and we are very familiar with all kinds of cleaning issues. Even if you think that cleaning the fridge is the easiest thing to do, do not underestimate that there are peculiarities which are essential when working with this machine.

  1. We remove all food and things out of the fridge. The expired food - we dispose of. Any rotting vegetables you forgot about, old milk etc. will be removed for good.
  2. We then remove all shelves and drawers from the inside of your fridge. It is important for the proper cleaning of the refrigerator.
  3. The inside of the fridge is cleaned - all big particles are removed and any crystalised spillages are scraped off. The top, bottom and walls are thoroughly scrubbed and wiped.
  4. The shelves and drawers are all emptied from any leftovers and soaked into a warm cleaning solution. This helps dissolve the spilled food or liquids that have been sitting in your fridge for a while and are hard to remove. Then we scrub and wash them.
  5. The whole inside of the fridge is dried with a cloth and disinfected.
  6. The removable parts are also dried, wiped and disinfected.
  7. Everything is reassembled back and the food is stored back into place. We may also clean any dirty containers or jars before putting them back in the freshly cleaned fridge.
  8. The outside of the fridge is dusted, wiped and disinfected.
  9. In the case of a water or ice dispenser, we will also clean that.

We are also able to clean your freezer, but please let us know in advance if you would like this service.

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Fridge Cleaning£65 £60

fridge cleaning servicesThe cleaning products that we use are guaranteed to possess the highest possible quality on the market. They are specifically made not to scratch the surface of the fridge but to clean gently every stain and particle left from the food. You can now forget about the traditional methods of cleaning the fridge and about all the natural detergents for removing the grease and the dirt . They may be sometimes effective , however, what you need is a product which will always be effective. We recommend the products, directly produced in our company which will give an immaculate appearance of your fridge. All products that we use contain no harsh chemicals and are completely safe for human health, as well as biodegradable and eco friendly.

The perfect attitude of our friendly team is a thing you will immediately notice once you contact our company. We will make an arrangement in a time convenient for you. Just visit our office and discuss with our friendly staff which will be the best cleaning products for your type of fridge. You will be given the full plan of action and how we will proceed.

As far as the prices are concerned do not feel confused if you think you cannot afford this type of cleaning service. We are fully aware that our clients expect reasonable prices and that is why our offerings tend to be the best in the sphere of cleaning services.

Contact us immediately and benefit from the best offers . We are available in all neighbourhoods in London territory.

The reasonable prices for all types of cleaning services is something that you should take into account. The friendly and professional attitude is a priority in our company and we can assure that the final results will meet every client's expectations.

Call our office agents now, they will be happy to give you any information you may want to know and help you out with the booking process. They will ask you a few questions about your particular situation so the cleaners can come prepared. You can trust us with your cleaning chores - we will not disappoint. Being in the industry for many years, we are proud to say we provide the following benefits:

Professional Cleaners- All employees that work with us are professionals with long experience behind their backs. They are all vetted and background checked. You can rest assured each one is qualified for the particular service they perform and will pay attention to all details.

Professional equipment and productsAll detergents and tools are brought by our technicians and are included in the price. We only work with high quality professional equipment and top of the shelf cleaning products that are extremely efficient in cleaning but 100% safe and non-toxic.

Flexible schedules and services- All our services are there for our customers. In order to fully satisfy all of our clients we have made the services flexible so everyone can make sure they fit their best interests. We also work 7 days a week and you can request any time that is most convenient for you, as well as last minute or same day bookings.

Reasonable pricing - We worked hard, in order to expand the list of services we provide and make them available and affordable to anyone who might need them. All our prices are very reasonably estimated while bringing top quality results at the same time.

Honesty- We discuss all details around the job and make sure you are familiar with the whole process that is about to be performed. This way we avoid unexpected costs and we make sure you receive the quality that you pay for.

Customer service- Our office agents are available around the clock so give them a call and ask them anything. They are competent enough to give you advice, help you with the booking process and give you a free quote on the phone.

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